Qing National Day celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival

editor:admin │ Release time:2017-09-24 

Event Announcement

On the occasion of the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to enrich the staff's spare time, show huangfei's diverse corporate culture, and send all employees and local people to a happy and beautiful festive night, Zhejiang shuangfei oil-free bearing Co., Ltd., Jiashan shuangfei lubrication The special literary evening organized by Materials Co., Ltd. and Jiashan County Qunxing Art Troupe will be kicked off soon....

 Performance time: September 28th 18:45-20:45

 Venue: Shuangfei Bearing Administration Building Square

         This evening's performances are diverse in form and content, and will fully demonstrate the cultural and artistic achievements of the masses. We sincerely invite all employees of the company and local residents to celebrate together!

      Zhejiang Shuangfei Oilless Bearing Co., Ltd.
      Jiashan Shuangfei Lubricant Material Co., Ltd.     
      Jiashan County Star Art Group
      Announced on September 26, 2017