FR PTFE flexible tape material

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FR PTFE flexible tape material is a mixture of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and other filled antifriction materials by a special sintering process based on a bronze wire mesh. It has a low coefficient of friction and good wear characteristics. Because of its good flexibility, it can be used as a separator for steel and steel. It achieves the ideal purpose of no gap, no noise, no oil lubrication, no maintenance and no pollution. At present, materials have been widely used in textile machinery, joint bearings, car door hinges and other occasions.

Maximum load pressure: 100N/mm2

Friction coefficient μ: 0.05~0.20

Applicable temperature range: -40~280°C

Maximum sliding speed: 1.0m/s

The material can also be made of stainless steel perforated plate or stainless steel woven mesh.