JF lead series

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JF series materials, also known as bimetallic materials or copper lead steel strips, are made of low carbon steel or steel coil as the base material, and the surface is sintered with copper alloy steel and copper alloy products. Different copper alloy materials are suitable for different working conditions. The surface copper alloy grades can be divided into high lead series, lead series and lead-free series.

Alloy gradeNameMain chemical composition%Alloy hardness HBSteel layer hardness HBMain use occasion


CuPb10Sn10JF800margin9.0~11.09.0~11.050~12080~150Bushing, side plate, washer

1、The 10-10 materials in the above table are tested by the Wuhan Institute of Materials Protection, Ministry of Machinery Industry. The measured fatigue strength of the Glacier.vandere11 sapphire bearing fatigue tester in the UK is greater than 125Mpa.

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