SF-1B bronze base material

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SF-1B bronze-based material is made of tin bronze plate as the base, sintered bronze spherical powder in the middle, surface rolled PTFE and high temperature resistant filler. It has a high safety factor and is particularly suitable for use in places where continuous work cannot be stopped and where it cannot be refueled at high temperatures. At present, the material has been widely used in the metallurgical steel industry, continuous casting machine billet rolling, high temperature furnace front equipment, cement grouting pump and screw conveyor. It can be combined with steel sleeves on the outside or flanged to achieve the effect of friction between the end faces and the inner holes. The sliding part of the bridge support is to replace the pure PTFE board with the SF-1B wear layer thickening product. Meet the requirements of 130N/mm2 load bearing.

Maximum load pressure: 140N/mm2

Friction coefficient μ: 0.03~0.18

Applicable temperature range: -195 ° C ~ 300 ° C

Maximum sliding speed: 5m/s

Allow the highest PV value (dry): 4.3N/mm2.m/s

Allowable maximum PV value (oil): 50N/mm2.m/s