SF-2S oil-free lubricating material

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SF-2S oil-free lubricating material with a copper back as the base, sintered spherical tin bronze powder in the middle, and a polymer material with acetal resin and oleophilic fiber and special lubricant on the surface. The same foreign product is DS bearing material, which is suitable for dry friction and low oil lubrication under normal temperature conditions. It has the advantages of low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and no oil lubrication. At present, the material has been used in rocking motion, easy to wear, and easy to corrode, such as roll machine, bulldozer, dyeing machine, shearer and crane, driving aerial work machine and other occasions.

Maximum load pressure: 70N/mm2

Friction coefficient μ: 0.04~0.20

Applicable temperature range: -40 ° C ~ 130 ° C

Maximum sliding speed: 5m/s

Allow the highest PV value: 25N/mm2.m/s