TF-1 graphite loose chimeric gold material

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TF-1 graphite loose-fitting gold material is a new generation improved product of steel-copper alloy with low carbon steel plate as the base material and surface sintered CuPb10Sn10+C material. It has the pressure resistance and wear resistance of JF800 bimetal material, and it has achieved the function of oil-free lubrication after being embedded in graphite. The coefficient of friction is small under oil-free or low-oil conditions, completely preventing the phenomenon of biting the shaft. The material is suitable for the guiding part of the rubber tire mold, the sliding part of the lifting device, the high-speed sliding part of the water turbine, etc., where the high temperature, high speed, and long-term refueling are not possible.

Copper alloy material: CuSnPb+C

Maximum load pressure: 150N/mm2

Friction coefficient μ: 0.05~0.18

Maximum operating temperature: 300°C

The product can also be sintered with tin bronze plate and stainless steel plate as the base material.