The signing ceremony and exchange symposium of Jiashan County “Party Group Building Women's Homes and Village Enterprise

editor:admin │ Release time:2018-08-23 

On the afternoon of September 7, the signing ceremony and exchange symposium held by the Organizational Committee of the County Party Committee, the two new workers' committees of the county party committee, and the county women's federation jointly held the "Party Group Building Women's Homes and Villages to Promote Beautiful Jiashan" were held at the Women's House of our company. More than 50 people including the organizers of the county committee, the organizers of various towns (streets), the chairman of the Women's Federation, and the heads of some two new women's organizations, the chairman of the village (community) women's federation, and the members of the villages (communities) of Ganyao Town attended the meeting. . Huang Bin, deputy director of the organization department of the county party committee, secretary of the two new working committees, and Luo Jun, chairman of the county women's federation, attended and spoke.

Participants visited the construction of the women's home of the party building of our company. Shuangfei Company has always attached great importance to corporate culture. Under the guidance of the county and town women's federations, the company attaches importance to the role of women and provides a good environment for women. Among the women, there are 21 party members. They are the pacesetters of enterprises in different positions. Party members and women have also promoted the construction of beautiful families, forming a family education position led by women’s party members, women’s employees responding, and gay men. Women have a place for activities, communication is closer, communication is reflected, family construction is becoming more and more harmonious, employees are more comfortable working in the enterprise, and from another aspect, the cohesiveness of the enterprise is improved, and the economic development of the enterprise is also promoted. .

Shuangfei Company supports the Women's Congress from all aspects of human resources, financial resources, positions and other aspects to carry out women's work. In the new party group comprehensive activity room, the Women's House has been established, and the "Women's Heart to Party" female party members promised, the female charm class, Women's private spaces, women's and women's work positions are the first public service projects, making women workers feel more warm.

At the symposium, Chairman Zhou Yinchun welcomed the guests on behalf of Shuangfei Company. At the same time, he introduced the experience of the party building work of Shuangfei Company. Shuangfei Company always attaches importance to the construction of party members. Now it has grown to 73 party members, and 32 people have applied to join the party, which reflects the image and status of the party in Shuangfei Company. The party committee of Shuangfei Company insisted on red travel every year, singing red songs, revisiting the oath of entering the party, and listening to the heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyrs. Let party members have a position among the masses, have a role in their work, and be able to demonstrate in action. The vanguard model of party members plays a role in the technical team. In the production line, in the management team, it is now refining in the construction of women's organizations.

Feng Lei, deputy secretary of Dayun Town Party Committee, Lin Qingjun, organization committee member of Ganyao Town, and Lu Huazhen, chairman of Yaozhuang Village Women's Federation of Yaozhuang Town, exchanged ideas on party building and women's building and village-enterprise work from four different levels: enterprises, party committees, organizations and villages. And the practice provided valuable work experience for the participating enterprises and villages (communities), so that Shuangfei also felt the motivation of the work.

Finally, 9 pairs of village-enterprise pairing units signed a co-construction agreement. Shuangfei Company began to pair up with Fan Yicun in September 2017, responding to the call of the county’s “Party Group Building Women’s Houses and Enterprises to Promote Beautiful Jiashan” activities. In the three years of pairing, the villages and enterprises will be built together as a model. Enterprises and village women's associations will communicate more and organize activities to make the culture of the enterprise and the village harmonious. Through organization and joint construction, joint construction, project construction and demonstration. Co-creation, party building and group building, and jointly promote the construction of women's home.