Wang Xinhai Provincial Military Region political commissar inspected the shuangfei

editor:admin │ Release time:2018-08-23 

On the afternoon of May 19, 2017, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the Political Commissar of the Provincial Military Region Wang Xinhai and his party came to our company to inspect and guide the grassroots construction. The political commissar of the Wang and his party visited the enterprise culture of Shuangfei Company and the war preparation equipment library of the People's Armed Forces Department, the Office of the People's Armed Forces, the Party Member Activity Room, and the Militia Activity Room.

The political commissar of Wang is very satisfied with the corporate culture of shuangfei company, combining the work of the People's Armed Forces with the corporate culture, and carrying out ideological education work. He emphasized that the construction of the martial arts department of shuangfei company should improve the sense of responsibility of the militia through non-stop learning. Every militia knows that defending the country and obeying the command is the duty of the militia. Through various forms, all employees must know that Shuangfei has a strong militia team, contributing to the economic development of the enterprise, and laying the foundation for the development of national defense.

The political commissar of Wang also listened to the training and activities of the People's Armed Forces Department of Shuangfei Company. On the one hand, he affirmed the achievements of the work of the People's Armed Forces Department of Shuangfei Company, and on the other hand, put forward new instructions and requirements. The Shuangfei Company’s People’s Armed Forces is required to organize an event every month. The form can be diversified, and the time does not need to be long. It is necessary to focus on the enterprise economy, but it must also reflect that it is a qualified militia. As a militia, it is necessary to strictly enforce the orders, and to use the weapons and tools that the enterprises prepare for warfare. They must always be prepared to perform special tasks and contribute to the peace of the country.

Minister Zhou Yinchun attached great importance to the instructions of the Wang political commissar. On the spot, he said that it is necessary to resolutely implement the instructions issued by the leaders, fully integrate the actual situation of the enterprise, organize the teaching materials of the militia, implement the education talents, and discharge the new work plan of the People’s Armed Forces. In-depth theoretical study and practical exercises, to accept the orders of superiors at any time, assume the responsibility of defending local security, improve the political awareness of the militia in the exercise, and make precise efforts to cultivate the militia to recruit, to fight, to fight Win, make greater contributions to corporate development and contribute to social peace.